While it’s true that there are things more difficult to sell than other products, there are quite a number of tips that you should remember to make it easier for you to convince the prospects.

How to Sell Anything to Anybody

While it’s true that there are things more difficult to sell than other products, there are quite a number of tips that you should remember to make it easier for you to convince the prospects.


1. Make it about them

Have you met those people who already talked about their resume the first time you talk to them? Do you have a friend who monopolizes every conversation, talking about his/her self? Annoying, right?

The point is clear by now – don’t be like them.

What you are selling isn’t about you. What you are selling isn’t about the product either. At least, initially.

The first rule of sales is to always make it about your buyer. Every pitch you toss, email you write, demo you give and meetings you attend – the focus is the buyer.

Always ask yourself, “What’s the relevance of this product or service to this particular buyer?”. As reminded by Hub Spot – Customize each interaction accordingly.


2. Do your research before reaching out

In the age of social media, majority of the things you need to know about your potential clients are available online. They may not post some too personal aspects of their life but you can still know what they do and what they care about.

And it’s just one of the ways you can research. You can also connect with people that may know your future buyer.


3. Build rapport first

You received a Facebook private message from a long-lost friend. Without even saying “Hi”, he/she said that he/she’s borrowing money. How would you feel?

American writer Dale Carnegie reminded his readers that foremost, people are not creatures of logic. But firs, of emotion. Talk to your prospect like a human before speaking to them like a salesperson.


4. Know Your Target Market

Now you might say that the title of this article is misleading. Because truth to tell, and as mentioned by Hub Spot – the secret of selling anything to anybody is not attempting to sell just anything to just anybody.

You have to qualify the word “anybody” first. By finding the specific type of “anybody” who is just right for your product or service, you’ll avoid wasting time on poor-fit leads.


5. Educate and help them first

As explained by Toggl Track – you’re intimately aware of all the benefits and advantages your own product offers. But your customers don’t immediately have some knowledge simply because you put your new product in front of them.

Leggett & Platt Segment VP of Marketing Mark Quinn said – the smart consumer will opt to buy from the company that’s educated him on the issue and presented him with multiple solutions. That company’s selflessness has built trust – and its ability to teach him has bought his loyalty in the future.


6. Be an inquirer

Even though you researched all the right information, there will still be things that you can miss out. That’s why – it’s critical to ask thoughtful and honest questions during the conversation.

Be curious and listen intently. According to the Hub Spot – not only does careful listening help you get a grip on the problem, but it also makes the prospect feel good. And if you truly tune in, they’ll be more likely to return the favor when you have something to say.


7. Be mindful of the level

While each salesperson has unique personality and different methodologies when selling, you should also pay attention to your prospect’s personality and tailor the approach accordingly.

You can take into consideration this question – Is your potential client assertive, amiable, expressive or analytic?


8. Remember, you’re selling to a person

While it’s important to be professional in sales, of equal importance is – you should also be personable and likeable. Aside from work, your prospects have other things in mind. And you can tap on those things too.

Remember, there’s no such thing as purely rational being. Emotions affect the information we process and the decisions we’re making.

There’s no exact formula. But there are useful tips at your disposal. While marketing products might sound overwhelming, it is actually more doable than you think.

Plan and strategize. And as the popular shout out puts it, “Do it!” 



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